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Best Flight Fares From Atlanta To Chicago with Faresquest

ATL Atlanta


ORD Chicago


$ 214.40
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ATL Atlanta


ORD Chicago


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ATL Atlanta


ORD Chicago


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ATL Atlanta


ORD Chicago


$ 129.41
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About Chicago

This city is the third most popular city in the United States. It is also famous for the other name is “Windy City”.Chicago is the second most visited city by the tourist over the 55 million domestic and international visitor. The highlight landmark of this city is the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, Willis Tower Sky Deck, 360 Chicago, Chicago River walk, Oriental Institute Museum, The Rookery Building, Millennium Park, Museum Campus, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of science and industry, and Lincoln park zoo. The culture of Chicago invention and significant the performance of art, film, literature, theater, food, and music (jazz, blues, electronic dance music, hip-hop, soul). Last, but not the least it is also attractive by their pleasant and elegant beaches.

Most highlighted placed in the Chicago:

Art Institute of Chicago:

This institute has an immense collection of art and sculpture. It includes diverse variety in painting, textile, photography, decorative arts, and many more architectural drawing. There is a huge abundance of a painter, writer, or composer of impressionism.

Millennium Park:

This sculpture name Cloud Gate, the work has been shaped with the stainless steel which can be polished, it reflects the neighboring places, sky, and the visitor who across the place who walk through the central vault, the vision of the millennium park is very fascinating.

Navy Pier:

This place attracts a number of tourists because of this decency there is an amusement area, shipping facilities. This place covered with 50 acres of garden, shops, a concert venue. This place is also hosting the festivities season too. Cruise ship also leaves from here for a various sightseen jaunt.

Museum of Science and Industry:

This Museum is dedicated to the application of natural law of technological and industrial development. Tourists are encouraged to interact with hundreds of evince.

Buckingham Fountain:

To build this fountain as on donation from the family, Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain. This fountain is the largest in the world. A motif in the period of iconic Art Deco Style. The central fountain is circumambient by four seahorses that represent the Lake Michigan’s four boarding states.

The Oriental Museum:

This museum is situated in the University of Chicago Campus; it is steadfast to the archeology and art. This museum includes the antiquities revealing the Egypt, Nubia, Iraq, Turkey, and the ancient site Megiddo.

The best place to visit in Chicago :

The Rookery Building: this is the most historically significant building in Chicago. This architecture of this building is astounding design and the ornamental ironwork on the staircase is the icing on the cake.

Nearest Airport

O’Hare International Airport : It is only about 15 miles from the Chicago city. It is the huge and second busiest airport in the world. Every major national or international flight serve there.
Midway International Airport: This airport is closer to the Chicago Loop.
Gary international Airport: this airport is 25 miles from Chicago loop and operates as the third airport for Chicago
South Bend Regional Airport: 74 miles from the Midway international. It is situated in the south of the South Bend.